Still Struggling To Monetize & Grow Your Instagram?


Meet The Master Biz Builder...

I was able to generate 6 figures in 15 months using instagram 

BUT WAIT.. Let me back up for a second. I know what you're thinking another "business coach" NO. I am you. I was stuck working 50 hours a week at a job i absolutely hated. And on top of that i had bills, bills, bills & MO bills. 

I used Marketing, Manifestation & Strategy to go from struggling mom to BOSS Mom. 

... The BEST part about it is...
I'm going to teach you the EXACT strategies I used to scale my brand to six figures. NOT something I saw on youtube, NOT something from a course I learned, but ACTUAL strategies ive personally used to go from overlooked to overbooked! literally

STEP 1 : MINDSET. First we have got to break you! The first true process in transformation. We are turning you into a full fledge BOSS! But it starts with mindset

(this will not work for you with a poverty mindframe)

STEP 2 : The Breakdown. Time to get into the numbers. Whats your monthly sales goal? Now, using strategy let me show you how to achieve your goal. Reverse engineering is KEY.

STEP 3 : Ads & Funnels . Now its time to show you how to run profitable marketing campaigns. We will use ads & funnels to create automated systems that help you make passive income aka that sleep money! 

STEP 4 : Content & Execution. Most coaches will give you a strategy then leave you high & dry when its time to execute! Now I'm going to show you through content execution how to scale! Reels training, Content Strategy and Sales Strategy mapped out and tailored specifically for your company

 Are you ready to start working towards months like these ?

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I know what your thinking, "Can she really help me make money using Instagram?" YES. And here are your reviews to prove it (;

** CAUTION only real cusotmer reviews & testimonials used 

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I know your super excited BUT 



You are a SERIOUS, DRIVEN,  entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur looking to scale


You are NOT looking for a get rich quick scheme. I teach REAL BUSINESS STRATEGY


You are SICK of working your 9-5 and still barley have enough to make ends meet


Your ready to take your brand to the next level and learn from a multi six figure entreprenuer  

In InstaBag Academy you will
💰 Transform your way of thinking & doing business 
💰 Learn how to generate consistent sales

💰 Learn how to run Ads that turn into PROFIT
💰 Learn how to make content that CONVERTS into ca$h
💰 Learn the $10k sales formula that I scaled to $100k
👉🏾 PLUS : 1on1 mentorship with six figures earner (ME!)
👉🏾 Private live trainings

👉🏾 VIP access . Weekly calls, Anytime texts